Do escorts kiss?

It is a common misconception that men sought our escorts to get off with. However, this is far from the truth. Many men need the company of an escort so that they can connect with them at a human level and intimacy plays a huge role in it. Kiss is one of the most intimate things one can think of and there are few escorts who refuse to kiss their clients. Movies like Pretty Woman also popularized this myth that prostitute/escort don’t kiss. One wouldn’t find many escorts who refuse a kiss and is quite uncommon among full time escorts. Girlfriend experience is one of the most popular indoor activities and kiss is just a thing to start off with. You may find it strange but few escorts don’t kiss their clients out of respect for them.

Reasons why escorts refuses kiss

One of the main reasons why few escorts don’t is because they find it to be unhygienic. These women are concerned about their hygiene and some of them have their mouths have been in various places which you would definitely like to avoid. Nonetheless, some escorts ask their client if they would like to kiss. If the client is not comfortable then they would stop there immediately. Another reason why they refuse to kiss is because they want this intimate to be with someone special. Only few people are lucky to engage in French kiss with an escort.

Kiss by men can be categorized into good kisser, average kisser and bad kisser. Bad kisser can kill the mood but many escorts don’t mind it as they only want to give them full satisfaction. Kissing also gives an idea about what kind of person escort is dealing with. Nowadays, romance is perceived in a different way by many young people. Escort acts like chameleon in this regard and change their behavior to make the most the time they are spending together.

Why kiss is such an important move?

There is a lot of thinking behind every act as they try to dissect what their clients want from them. They do it because so that these men keep coming back to them and want more from them. Unfortunately, many people suggest men to replace intimacy with sex. Few men opt for that while some of them want to have a connection with their escort at a deeper level. They do it because they know that they won’t judge them. Many men, who consider them to be masculine, hide behind the façade of physicality. But just like any other case, it is not true for all men.

Men who are engulfed in deep masculinity desire some form of intimacy. They don’t consider it to be feminine or weak, but rather a form of human emotion. Few talk about it whereas some show it in physical form. So to wrap things up, escorts do kiss their client and there are few who decline to do it. If one is eager to kiss their escort, make sure they are made comfortable and treated like a proper lady. There is slight chance that she might find that person to be gentlemen and shed her inhibitions.