What to expect from an escort

What to expect when you are seeing an escort first time?

It is little tough for new clients to understand the relationship between client and escort and due to that, sometimes new clients can find themselves in an uncomfortable situation without knowing the rules of this meetup. One thing I noticed most of the times is that many clients are too nervous about this first escort meeting and they do not know what to expect from their first escort intercourse.

I know that it is too intimidating for new clients to get over with that easily but in this article, I will try to help those clients by advising them on “what to expect when you are seeing an escort first time?

Before giving any pieces of advice to you, I have to say you firstly that every escort has her own way to tackle her client-escort relationship. So, if you are not seeing the below rules working, then you do not have to panic about it. Just ask her graciously about it.

Before the arrival of escort in your room: If you are inviting an escort either your home or hotel room, then kindly keep your room clean already and put some extra towels in the bathroom for the shower and bathroom intercourse.

After the arrival of escort in your room: When she arrives in your room, then be friendly with her but have some limitations as well. Kindly ask her that do you need anything to drink such as a glass of water or soft drink? Do not serve alcohol without taking prerequisite permission from your escort about it. After that, you should show your place to her to give her an idea that there is nobody hiding in any separate room such as ten drunk footballers for intercourse in another room.

Make sure that you give her the money discussed on the phone in advance. So, she will get relaxed about the payment. The sooner you will complete this transaction, then sooner it becomes easy to talk her about the fun stuff. Sometimes, she will call her driver or bodyguard through a cellphone to tell them about her safety. Do not try to grabby and kissy without paying the appropriate amount to your escort.

Hygiene check by escort: After the completion of money transaction, the next step includes the health and hygiene check by escort to check that you do not contain any STDs with you such as any unwanted rashes on your crotch area. It will give an alert signal to your escort to not sleep with you. So, if you have any problem related to your health or hygiene, you must inform her about that in the pre-meeting phone discussion. So, she will tell you that is she available for that issue or not?

You can also consult with your general practitioner about the rashes on your crotch area to get a prescription for its removal.

These are some of the steps you have to remember before meeting an escort first time. So, good luck for getting laid the first time, boys!