What happens if you have sex on your period

What happens when you make love on your period days?

So you are on your menses? But can you go to work, pick the kids from school, cook, do some house chores? Then you can have sex. Making love on your period days is not uncommon, weird or unhygienic, and many women do it. Be confident and go with your urges.

Most women feel more aroused a couple of days before and all throughout their period. This is because the genitals and pelvic area get pretty swollen which makes one crave sex more. So trust me, while you might think it a messy affair, once you get into it nothing else will matter. Not even the blood.

No, periods aren’t dangerous when they get on a man’s penis. Generally, if you are healthy and have no infections such as STDs and HIV, your man is safe. Yes, you can get pregnant. Sperms can stay alive and swimming inside your uterus for about 72 hours. So even if you are on your periods, you could get pregnant and as such it is important to use contraceptives. It is also to be noted that making love on your period days may present a higher chance of pelvic infections. Use protection.

You should feel okay to make love on your period days. And there are plenty of beneficial reasons why. The health benefits outweigh the mess. Before you undertake this endeavor, have a chat with your partner to find out how he feels. Is he okay having sex with you while you are on your periods? You will be shocked that most men just don’t care and they will not shy away.

Making love on your period days helps relieve those nasty cramps. When you orgasm, your body releases hormones which act as a natural pain killer. Sex at this time helps get rid of those period blues. Libido and sex drive increases during menses. If you are the kind who needs a lot of foreplay to get started, this time, you may just go straight to it. There’s also less need for lubrication in period sex.

Although it can cause major damage to those lovely cotton bed sheets, sex while on the period will cut down the length of the period. Every time you have an orgasm, the uterus will contract and expel blood much faster than it could have on its own. So grab those towels, align them on your bed to cover the sheets and protect your mattress, and go for it.

When you choose to have sex at this time, stick to your lighter days. This is obvious. Use missionary style, as lying on your back lessens the blood flow. Take a shower after. Or better yet, take the action to the shower. It will be less messy.

Finally, when you make love on your period days, it will increase the bond you and your partner have. You wouldn’t have sex with just anyone when you are on your menses? If your partner is okay with making love to you even when you are on your period days, go ahead. It will bring about a deeper intimacy level in your relationship.