How to make money as an escort?

The question of becoming an escort is not easy and should be contemplated hard. If you have decided that you are going to become an escort then there must be thousand questions in your mind. In this post, I will try to ensure that every important points are covered which will make you feel safe and understand its benefits. On a personal front, I was taken aback by how many woman thought of becoming an escort. One needs to understand that escorts are addicts or a helpless woman. You would find many empowered and confident women who chose this profession for various different reasons.

Is escorting the right choice for you?

This question is simple but hard to answer. One must think hard before joining this profession. There are many women who are open-minded and liberated. But after two or three situations they leave this profession because of some complicated situation. Some of them are soft-spoken whereas some of them are outright extrovert. These qualities don’t guarantee you success. The best way to determine is to place yourself in a uncomfortable situation and try to figure out how you are going to deal with it. If you fail then it doesn’t matter, as you tried your best and it was not meant to be.

How long should you continue with this profession?

It is better to give yourself a time period and enjoy the work. After that time period is over, sit back and think hard if you want to continue with it or leave it for good. The decision should be just like when you decided to join this profession. Try to set a goal or goals, and you need to see the bigger picture.

To work with escort agency or as independent escort

Now that you have set your goals, it is time to get into the basics of it all. There are pros and cons in both of them but you should opt for with which you are comfortable. When you work with escort agency, you will be asked to give an interview. If the interviewer asks you to strip leave the place immediately and never contact them. If it is a legit agency, they will conduct the interview in a professional manner and ask you simple questions such as if you ever worked in this profession or others. Escort agency handles the advisement, screen the clients, and will
look over your security.

The disadvantage with escort agency is that they will take majority of your earned money, and you won’t have any control over the advertisement. But you learn to handle yourself better in any nocuous situations. Escort agencies will make the decision on your behalf and you have no control over it. When you work as an independent escort there is a lot of work such as advertisement, handling and paying for security but you have complete control over your work and expense. You have to make an educated decision before opting for any of these. Always remember that you don’t have to be a beautiful woman to be a successful escort.