Why are american escorts so expensive

If you are in America and like to experience a good time with a nice escort, you will be forced to shell out some big bucks. So it is a natural question to ask as to why it costs so much. Some of the top escorts can charge thousands of dollars. We will list out some of the most common reasons behind this.

1.) The risk-return trade-off:
This is something that is pretty simple to understand. What these escorts do comes with many inherent risks. The whole idea behind the escort industry is to be secretive. That leaves the escorts vulnerable to lots of dangers and abuses. Often times they employ screening services to vet out a client to ensure that the person they are meeting is safe to conduct business with. Then there is the fact that they are meeting a stranger in a very intimate manner. All these gives them cause to demand a high price.

2.) Short shelf life:
In a typical job, a person starts to work from their mid-20s and retire only when they are approaching 60. That allows them to earn an income for about 35 years. An escort, on the other hand, can only attract customers till she is 40 and that is being very generous. They can be at the top of the game for only about 10 years. So to make up for this short period of employability, they have to charge high prices.

3.) Miscellaneous costs:
For the American escort to stay in the game, she needs to spend money on things like medical check-ups, beauty treatments, and even plastic surgery. Add to that the expensive clothes and makeup that a top escort has to be seen in to maintain high standards and that is one more hole down which an escort’s money goes down and so she has to charge that from her clients.

4.) The government wants its cut too:
Like any legal business, the escort industry is taxable too. So a part of the escort’s income goes into paying taxes along with charges for an accountant who does the taxes for them.

5.) Attracting clients can get expensive:
The escorts won’t get any clients until people know about her. They have to advertise themselves and that takes money. As this is kind of a shady gray area, they might have to pay off people to run their business. So where does all this money come from? Obviously the client.

6.) More demand – greater the cost:
This is perhaps the simplest reason to understand. Not many people are doing this and even if they are, not all of them will be available when you want them. Then there is personal preference and if you have found and escort with just the qualities you desire, you will be willing to pay anything. So as long as people are willing to pay big money, escorts will keep asking for big money.

7.) It’s not all fun:
Satisfying a client lies at the core of this industry. To do so an escort might have to do things that they do not prefer personally while maintaining a facade that they are enjoying it. So they feel its within their rights to be expensive.

Hope this gives you an insight into why the American escorts cost so much. Have fun. Stay safe.